Who is AKB Mermer?

Established in 2009, our company has taken the marble varieties from many regions in the most beautiful way with the latest technology machines and hand work and ready to apply to you with the excitement and happiness of our understanding of the service we leave to your discretion.

About Us

Rıght Choıce ıs Success

The basic principle of our company is customer satisfaction and happiness. In order to achieve this, it is our first way to determine the demands correctly, to give reasonable prices, to send and apply the product correctly and on time. Our goal is to improve and contribute to the quality of life of our customers, employees and third parties with whom we are involved. We need to work efficiently and use resources effectively to survive and bring out our competitiveness. The environment in which we live and the environment in which we live is clean, safe and orderly; we must ensure that our relationships are respectful and harmonious. The road to success is education. This is the training where only the best service to the customer comes to the consciousness of providing quality products. AKB Marble is a marble and marble - natural stone application company which absorbs the basic elements of the profession due to its structure and determines its course by further developing it and developing its trade understanding. The staff consists of advanced and experienced marble and natural stones. Our company is located in Bademli, which designs marble and natural stone applications, puts them into production line and works with high efficiency with its advanced staff. Natural stone, marble, granite, mosaic etc. Stones can be successfully applied to many application areas such as flooring, wall cladding, Turkish bath and can be applied upon request.

Our Products

Applıcatıon Servıces

Marble is a beautiful and natural material that has been used in decoration for many years. It is frequently used in many areas from window sills to kitchen worktops. Marble textures are available in every company with rich texture and color alternatives.

Study desk Applıcatıon

When you want to add a new color to your living space, you can take advantage of our wide range of natural stones and tables and coffee tables in countless colors and designs.

Staır Applıcatıon

We combine marble with our step designs and turn your marble steps into shrines like school, company building, apartment, hotel.


We offer you hundreds of different models and color designs in our work area called marble windowsill, also known as glass border marble applications.


Turkish bath culture, which has an important place in Turkish history, is still alive today. Hotels, thermal spas, individual villas and houses, sports centers, such as marble bath models and designs are used with you.


In interior wall projects, standard marble models with glossy or matt structure are more preferred than travertine models. You have the chance to see these products in our stock.


Another of our main fields of activity is floor and floor laying and coating works in the internal and external usage areas of buildings and structures. We give this service to you with care. Right Choice is Success.